WBLodge Wedding Vendor Spotlight- Kris Vaswig Photography

Wild Basin Lodge Vendor Spotlight- Kris Vaswig Photography
Photographer Kris Vaswig always makes a point to snap a pic with the couple he's photographing. He is originally from California and enjoys skiing, hiking, and spending time with his dog, a “goofball breed”, named Loki.

This month’s vendor spotlight is photographer Kris Vaswig. Kris is based out of Longmont and has been living in Colorado for the past 19 years. He began dabbling with photography as a hobby and ultimately followed his passion and made it a career. Kris’ primary focus is on landscapes and he has held multiple commercial contracts for his pieces. But photographing weddings holds a special place in his heart and he has captured thousands of magical moments since he started working weddings 10 years ago.

Kris shared with me why he finds photographing weddings appealing.

“Photographing weddings is the polar opposite of landscapes- it’s stressful, fast-paced, you have to be in a million places at once, and there are no re-dos. Overall, it’s just fun.”

“Have there been any memorable moments from your shoots that stand out?”

“I worked a wedding where the bride and groom rode off on horses. Using the horses really added dimension to the pictures but the animals definitely took more coaxing than most subjects. Ultimately we had to use a bramble with bells on it much like dangling keys for a baby.”

During another shoot, the bride and groom wanted to hike into Rocky Mountain National Park to take some photos but it was exceptionally muddy. What was the solution? Kris gave the bride his hiking boots to wear!

Wild Basin Lodge Vendor Spotlight- Kris Vaswig Photography

“The Wild Basin area is one of my favorites. I’ve hiked everything off of the Wild Basin Trailhead multiple times. That’s why I love working weddings at the Wild Basin Lodge. So far, it’s the only venue I’m booked at for 2019.

Choosing a photographer can make or break your special day. Kris had some advice to share for those planning their nuptials.

Wild Basin Lodge Vendor Spotlight- Kris Vaswig Photography

“It’s easy to find a cheap photographer, but they’re probably cheap for a reason. They don’t know what they’re doing or they have poor equipment. And I have heard so many horror stories of couples who have had friends shoot their wedding. When it comes down to it, your photographer is the person that you will spend the most time with on your wedding day- even more than your significant other. Be sure that you choose someone that you gel with. Someone that doesn’t just know how to take a picture but knows how to photograph you to get the best looks naturally.”

“Once the soulmates have found their photographer soulmate, what aspects are important to discuss with that person?”

“Be sure to tell your photographer if you plan on doing something surprising or unique during the day. If the world’s best choreographed dance or unique toast goes down, yeah, they’ll capture it, but they could have been at a better angle or found better lighting if they’d just known.” Don’t worry about your photographer spilling the beans, they’re part of your team and don’t want to ruin any surprises you have planned for the guests.

“A lot of couples are split on the First Look dilemma. What are your thoughts?”

“I strongly recommend taking pictures together before the ceremony. It takes a lot of stress away and eliminates jitters- you know for sure that the other person showed up. It’s also a beautiful private moment that then allows you to enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony. First Looks always photograph well for picture books.”

Kris proudly states “not my job” is not in his vocabulary. Keeping people on time, running to get the wedding rings, bandaging bridesmaids’ feet, whatever it takes to make sure the bride and groom have the best day possible.

In addition to photographing weddings, Kris also offers engagement shoots if you have also booked your wedding with him. His pricing is reasonable compared to other local photographers and if you mention this article he will take $250 off any package. Check out Kris’ galleries here.

Wild Basin Lodge Vendor Spotlight- Kris Vaswig Photography
A beautiful starry night in the Meadow at the Wild Basin Lodge, captured by Kris Vaswig

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