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Ser.en.dip.i.tous: adjective

Occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way

Synonyms: chance, accidental, coincidental


Why the above definition?

Just a quick glimpse into how this blog got its name.  Serendipitous is the perfect word to describe the organic development of ideas between the Wild Basin staff and myself.  It was a happy accident that I’m here this morning, writing a blog about wedding planning.  A pleasant marriage of curiosity, enthusiasm, perfect timing, and a drop dead gorgeous venue.

More importantly, the word serendipitous reminds me of how the best relationships develop.  Did you happen to meet your lifelong “adorkable” best friend at marching band camp at the ripe age of 14?  How were you to know that she would become a powerful, constant force in your life?  Or what about that economics professor that you’re still in touch with, since he had such an impact on your trajectory?  Was it chance that you worked with a vibrant, passionate IT recruiter seven years ago, only to find out that you’ve reconnected again recently just as you were on the job market?

Romantically speaking, movies and music use the theme of serendipity regularly.  There’s something irresistibly dreamy about that bump-into-a-cute-stranger-on-the-bus idea.  When I take a moment to reflect on the stories of how my married friends met, there is much more serendipity than I previously realized.  Take, for example, my friend Melissa, who asked a strange man clearly sitting in a café chair one morning, “Are you using this chair?”  He slowly pivoted in his seat, then grinned; confused but charmed by the bashful blonde. Flattered, he thought he was being hit on.  Turns out she simply wanted a place to hang her wet jacket in the crowded restaurant.  They’re now married.  What could have been an awkward fleeting encounter at the café became a lifelong partnership.

As you enjoy the month of July in Colorado, take a moment to think about happenstance in life.  The thousands of happy accidents that brought you to this exciting wedding planning phase.   It’s fleeting, so take a deep breath, smile, and read on.

As Promised

The theme of serendipity leads us to our very first Wild Basin Wanderlust vendor spotlight. Robin Event Rentals.  My second day working for Wild Basin Lodge, our 11:00 appointment arrived.  Her name was Megan Loberg, and as we toured the property and discussed her company’s offerings, my idea for the blog gelled.  Our couples needed to know what she was all about, and so I asked to visit the showroom and warehouse so I could get a closer look.

Fast forward one week, and across the street from an unassuming field of sleepy cows in Loveland, I found the Robin Event Rental headquarters.  It’s easy to drive by and miss, but once inside, you won’t be disappointed.  Megan greeted me, and we sat down to talk about the basics of her business.  Here are some highlights from our conversation.

WBL: What services does your company provide to clients?

RER: We provide rentals for all events, big and small. Our list of rentals includes tents, tables, chairs (folding, resin, Chiavari), and specialty linens. We also provide all China, flatware and glassware needs you may have. While this list is a good depiction of our rentals, we offer so much more!

WBL: Where are you located?

RER: We are located in Loveland Colorado, just an hour north east of Allenspark.

WBL: What about the logistics of getting rental items to Wild Basin Lodge?

RER: We have a $120 delivery fee that includes both drop off and pick up.  If you’re renting a tent, both set up and take down is included in the price.  In fact, we do a site visit in advance for all tent rentals, to ensure that the surface area is safe for your event.

WBL: Tell us a little about the history of your business.

RER: Our company began about 15 years ago when the original owners Rob and Tera Robbin created Robin Event Rentals. We were located in Berthoud for about 10 years and recently re-located to our larger office to Loveland. We came under new ownership a few years ago.  Chad Ayres hails to us from New Mexico where he managed one of the largest event rental companies in the country and has over 20 years of industry experience.

WBL: Do you have any words of wisdom for brides as they prepare for their wedding?

RER: Some of the most helpful bits of advice I would give to brides planning their wedding is that you can never start planning too early. We love it so much more when our brides and clients come to us with ample time before their wedding or event. However, we do understand that wedding planning can get a bit crazy, which is why we can help coordinate your event rentals whether you’re two weeks from your event or two years. Another piece of advice that I wish all brides remembered is to enjoy the planning and have fun. We find more often than not, that the brides or families of the couple get too engrossed in the planning process and forget to enjoy and celebrate the process and everything that’s to come.

WBL: What is one thing that you love about your industry?

RER: I love that I can help bring my clients’ visions from their minds or Pinterest boards to life. The spark that they get when they see their vision come to life is truly the best feeling ever!

WBL: Do you have a favorite memory from your wedding day you’d like to share?

RER: While I am not married, I have been in the industry for about 8 years now, and have my personal favorites of a wedding. My favorite part of a wedding is by far the vows, whether they are funny, sentimental, or traditionally classic it always pulls at the heart strings for me.

During my tour of Robin Event Rentals, I discovered that Megan is from the Denver area and has a strong history in both business and event coordinating.  She works closely with a tight-knit staff and owner, Chad, who is never afraid of rolling up his sleeves.  Chad is on-site and in the trenches; putting up the huge tents and even building the gorgeous rustic wood table and benches that you can find in the showroom.

Their warehouse has SO much more than just the standard linens and chairs.  We walked by one room that was stocked with Sno-Cone, pretzel, popcorn, hot dog, and cotton candy machines.  Talk about a fun late night snack for your wedding guests!  They also rent three varieties of arbors, two different bar setups, flower pedestals, exterior heaters if you’re getting married in the cold months, and old fashioned street lamps.  Everywhere I turned, there were new surprises.

When you come

My favorite thing about the RER location is an interactive wedding planning area.  Indecisive and overwhelmed by the flood of Pinterest ideas?  If you’re not yet sure how to set up your tables, you can literally play with the pieces until you get them just right.  There are samples of tablecloths, chargers, linens, flatware, and glassware for you to mix and match.  They also switch up the showroom’s inspiration designs monthly, so you’ll be treated to a variety of trendy tablescapes. I’ve never before seen a place that offers this.  Oh, and the sleek modern white furniture the photos below? Also a rental option!

The showroom is open from 9 to 5, Monday – Friday.  You’re welcome to stop in or make an appointment.  If you’re like most humans who work during the week, Megan is happy to meet you on the weekend by appointment.  Before you come, check out their website and click on the “Products” tab for an interactive inventory where you can save items you like before you physically put them together in the show room.  When you stop by, snap a photo of your final design and share it with Wild Basin Lodge!

Want to know more?  Follow them on Facebook & Instagram, then reach out to Megan and she’ll be happy to sit down with you and bring your vision to life!



Robin Event Rental

2248 W. 1st St.

Loveland, CO 80537

O: (970)663-7368

C: (970)699-0364

F: (970)663-7378



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