Summer Mountain Weddings

Summer Mountain Weddings

Summer in the mountains is perfect for a wedding

The colors of the mountains and meadows are vibrant. Nature surrounds you and your guests. Your wedding provides your guests with that mountain getaway they’ve been meaning to take but haven’t quite gotten around to yet.

Read on to learn about planning your summer mountain wedding.


In the Rocky Mountains summers are warm and colors are brilliant. Early to mid-summer (mid-June, July and early August) it is lush and green, and wildflowers abound. Mid to late summer (August, September, early October) the green slowly wears into the golds and reds of autumn. The skies are a brilliant blue, intermittently crowded with storm clouds. Rain clouds are not a bad thing; pictures taken under cloudy skies tend to be some of the most beautiful due to the lighting it provides the camera.


While May is considered the beginning of summer on the plains, it is still spring in the mountains. There is often snow through the end of the month and it is still slightly chilly. However, there are warm, snowless days interspersed. If you choose a May wedding date, be aware that there may be snow the day of, but it will still be beautiful!

As summer arrives rain replaces the snow and is common well into August. It comes and goes in sporadic showers and rarely rains for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

If it is not a stormy day, the skies are a brilliant blue and relatively cloudless. The weather is usually warm, bordering on hot. If it is a rainy day then it will be on the cooler side, but it is not often cold.

It is a good idea to let your guests know to prepare for all types of weather; it is not uncommon to have all four seasons in one day, especially early in the summer. Your guests will be most comfortable if they have closed-toed shoes and a sweater or light jacket with them just in case.

What to Plan For

Plan for all four seasons despite the month you are getting married. As mentioned above, it is not uncommon to experience all four seasons in one day in the mountains, especially early in the summer. Bring warm clothing to have just in case so you will be comfortable no matter what the weather brings and be aware that it is likely to rain. If you have a rain jacket bring it; it’s no fun to walk around wet!

Bring plenty of sunscreen. The sunshine is intense at high elevation and will lead to a sunburn quickly. Make sure to slather plenty on if you plan to be outside for any length of time; you don’t want sunburn lines in your wedding photos!

Along with the sunscreen, bring bug-resistant clothing (light-weight, long pants and sleeves), bug spray, or citronella candles or clips. It is pretty buggy in the mountains in the summer time and they can be irritating! Also, you don’t want any mosquito welts in your wedding photos.

Things to consider

Summer is in-season for mountain wedding venues, so take into consideration that it might be harder to get your desired wedding date; venues and vendors and can book out up to a year in advance. You can avoid having to settle for a different date or waiting another year to marry by searching for your venue and vendors early.

Summer is tourist season. There will be a lot of tourists milling around, so it might make things for you and your guests more difficult. Traffic, restaurant reservations, and hotel reservations are just a few things that can be affected. Planning ahead of time for things like lodging, rehearsal dinners, and driving times can negate these issues.

At The Basin

At Wild Basin Lodge, your wedding ceremony will take place in either a meadow or alongside a river, with mountain views in the background. Pine trees, aspens and wildflowers abound, making a wedding here beautiful at any time of year.

Our event staff keeps an eye out for rainclouds the day of your wedding, and will consult with you if rain is coming. Your wedding will be the only wedding of the day, so we are able to adjust your timeline to accommodate any weather delays. If you choose to get married in the rain (many do!) then we have umbrellas for each of your guests so that they can stay dry while you say “I do.”

The Lodge is a private wedding venue hosting only one wedding a day, and lodge rooms are only open to wedding guests so you won’t need to worry about tourists clogging up your wedding activities. Learn more about hosting your wedding at Wild Basin Lodge.

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  1. Looking for a rehearsal dinner venue. Do you do rehearsal dinners and catering ? If so , advise if available Friday, September 30, 2016? Advise menu options, cost, and all other details too.

    Awaiting your prompt reply.


    Jeryl collins

    • Hello Jeryl,

      We do not normally do rehearsal dinners, but depending on the month you are looking for we can potentially work you in. When are you thinking? The best way to contact us is by emailing us directly: Please send us a note with your timeframe and we will see how we can help.

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