Mountain Winter Weddings

Mountain Winter Weddings

Reasons why they are are worth your consideration

When we think “wedding” often the mental image accompanying the word is of summer. We love summer weddings here at Wild Basin Lodge, but equally adore winter weddings. Here is why mountain winter weddings are worth considering.

They are unique

Wedding season is traditionally in the summer. How many save the dates do you have on your fridge for the months of June, July, and August? By the end of the season they are likely to be one big blur of wedding fun. Winter weddings stand out in your guest’s memory as something unique and special. They will always remember the winter wonderland backdrop and the seasonal touches.

A snowcapped mountain backdrop

Outdoor ceremonies aren’t only for summer. Imagine taking your vows in front of the stunning snowcapped Rocky Mountains. Whether it’s a sunny day with bright blue skies or overcast with snow flurries, the brilliant white snow complements the forest and makes the mountains stand out magnificently. Photographers love snowy conditions and come away with some of the most beautiful, unique photos we’ve seen. See examples in our gallery.

mountain winter wedding

Outdoor winter ceremonies: they don’t have to be miserable

Guests get to expand their wardrobe with cute winter clothing. Blankets personalized with your names and wedding date will help to keep them warm, and make great gifts. An outdoor hot chocolate bar will give them something warm to sip on. The wedding party can get creative with warm clothing – the possibilities are endless!

Cozy mountain lodge atmosphere

Picture your guests warming up with a warm cocktail next to a roaring fire. Your reception decorated with seasonally influenced centerpieces. The snowy Rocky Mountains on display from the warmth of the reception room. It would be like a coveted ski-lodge vacation, but without the cheesy sweaters and in celebration of you!

mountain winter weddings: cozy lodge atmosphere

Winter is a not the height of vacation season

Speaking of all those summer save the dates… why put off your wedding another year so as not to overwhelm friends and family with one more travel commitment? Summer can be a busy time for your guests; a winter wedding is easier to attend.

They are less expensive

Many vendors and venues, including Wild Basin Lodge, offer off-season pricing. Now, that is just icing on the wedding cake!

Plan your winter wedding

Contact us to learn more about planning mountain winter weddings at Wild Basin Lodge.

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