What to Consider When Including a Pet in Your Wedding

What to Consider When Including a Pet in Your Wedding

For most people, their pets are not just pets…they are family.

So, it’s not that surprising that more and more couples are wanting to include their furry friends into their wedding. While having your beloved animal in you wedding can seem like a good idea, there are definitely a few things to consider when including a pet in your wedding.

Does your wedding venue allow animals?

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This is a big one! Don’t just assume animals are allowed at your venue. Many venues do not allow animals inside their buildings or on the property due to allergies and health code violations. Here at Wild Basin, we know how important dogs (or any animal for that matter) can be to a couple, so we have a special fenced-in dog run (that can be used to contain your dog while you are eating dinner and dancing). We allow your animals to be a part of your outdoor ceremonies as well as be on our exterior decks. If we have advance notice that there will be a dog in your wedding we bring them special treats and try to keep them as relaxed as possible!


Will your pet do well?

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Your pet might be the center of your universe and you love them to pieces, but does your animal love people the same way they love you? This is a big one! I personally, have two dogs, one loves people and one loves us but isn’t a fan of others. What am I trying to say? It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to have my non-people loving dog in my wedding. I mean, it would be miserable for you and your dog! If having your dog in your wedding is important to you, but you feel like it might not be a great fit with his or her personality I would recommend only bringing them out for pictures or just including them in your engagement pictures, that way it is a much smaller, controlled setting.

Decide Their Role

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Decide in the beginning what role you want your pet to play. Many people who have been married here at the lodge choose to only take pictures with their pet. That way they don’t have to worry about keeping the animal calm (and behaved) during the ceremony. We are always happy to assist you with whatever your wish is. Not to long ago, we stood at a distance and once the ceremony was over we got the dog out of our dog run and ran him down to our meadow site so that it could be there to take pictures with the bride and groom after the ceremony was over.

Practice, practice, practice!!


If your pet is playing an important role in the wedding (like being the ring bearer or walking with a member of the bridal party) you definitely want to take the time to practice with them. Don’t just wing it! Practice walking down the aisle with your pet and intentionally plant distractions. There will be a lot of action and people on the day of your wedding and you will want to make sure that your pet stays focused and gets to where they need to go without going off course first. Keep your pet focused by having someone hold a treat or whatever will help keep their attention. This way, including a pet in your wedding will make it that much more memorable!

At the Basin

Wild Basin Lodge allows pets at both of its ceremony sites, but not inside the lodge, in order to maintain an allergy-free environment for any allergic guests. If you wish to have your pet participate in your ceremony, we suggest assigning a family member or guest to take your pet to a kennel or home afterwards, then return to the party. If you wish for someone to stay with your pet, we can recommend a pet sitter who will collect him or her after the ceremony, and watch them at their home until your reception ends. Email us at events@wildbasinlodge.com or call 303-747-2274 to learn more.

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