Proper Place Setting Tips

Proper Place Setting Tips

After 15 years of hosting weddings, we’ve seen a lot of place settings.

So, we decided to develop a list of proper place setting tips to help couples in this stage of the planning process. Use it as a place to start or simply to help you get past a frustrating creativity block.

Seating Charts

So you have invited all of your friends and family to join you in celebrating your union with your soul mate! You are getting photos taken and getting ready for that grand entrance when you are announced together as one! As you walk into your reception room no one is seated, all of your guests are milling about not sure where to sit…this is what you do not want to happen! Having a place setting is very important for your guests. It makes it easy for them to find a seat and sit down when dinner is about to be served. You get the power of placing people where you would like them to sit, and you don’t have to deal with awkward seating situations, e.g., dealing with a group of five wanting to sit together when there aren’t five open seats available… it has happened, and it’s not fun to deal with! Sometimes intermingling the family is a great way of getting people talking and merging the family as you enjoy a wonderful meal.

Place Card Options

  • Place Cards at the Entrance – Place cards are alphabetically arranged at the entrance to your reception room to make it easy for friends and family to find their name and head to their table. These place cards should already have the table number on them that matches the corresponding number that is easily visible atop the table.
  • Place Cards on the Table – Place cards are placed at the seats with your guests name on them. Here to, table numbers need to be easily visible atop the tables, and a board that states the table numbers and lists names of friends, family and corresponding table numbers is helpful.
  • Only The Board & Table Numbers – This is a great option if you are serving family style or dual-plated dinner. Place boards at the entrances to your reception room that list names and table numbers. A visible table number atop the table is essential here, too, so guests can easily find where they are sitting. This is a favorite at the Wild Basin Lodge because people can sit where they would like at a certain table yet still have clear direction.

Why Centerpieces?

Centerpieces can make your reception room pop! Height added to the table creates this effect: using a wood round or a base is easy and a good idea if you don’t want to spend the money on taller flowers. If you prefer flowers, using two or three different heights in vases will give a more grand look to your reception room overall. Try and coordinate your centerpieces with your linen color to create a consistent look and make a unique statement that will please you!

You can be creative and not break the bank!

You’re not limited to flowers; make your own centerpieces from glassware, candles, bird cages or anything you can think of! It’s your wedding after all! A beautiful option is tall slender vases filled with water and floating candles, DIY mercury glass with baby’s breath, wine bottle centerpieces, or lanterns for a more intimate feel! Try thinking outside the box for a great center piece that will keep people talking about them. A quick google search will return thousands of ideas to help you make your centerpieces affordable and unique.

Who doesn’t love color!

Color is another great way of filling the room. Consider using hues within your wedding colors, or complementary colors, to complement your centerpieces. If your colors are navy blue & gold don’t hesitate to try mixed metals with your decorations or different shades of blue like cobalt or midnight blue.

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