Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2014

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2014


It’s always fun to look back at recent year’s trends.


1. Refined Woodland – in other words, rustic, vintage and natural. This trend fits our venue perfectly! We are located in an area where you will be one with nature. You won’t hear cars or motorcycles driving by, just the sound of the North St. Vrain River flowing in the background. Other ideas to incorporate this trend into your wedding include, braids in your hair, a lace wedding gown, wooden table numbers, branches with flowers in your flower girls crown, using ferns, a naked cake and mini bites of comfort food.

2. Jeweled Necklines – wedding dresses that include a sheer jeweled neckline.  Since a majority of the brides photos will be from the waist up, jeweled necklines has become a trend for 2014. Brides want to make sure something sparkly and unique is visible in all their wedding photos.

3. Year of the Flower – oversized cascade bridal bouquet, fresh flower walls and flower arches. Although most couples already use flowers, this year is predicted to be even bigger with floral arrangements by even doing some flowers on the appetizer trays.

4. Photo Booth – not new but still loved and improved! In the webinar, the Knot mentioned a couple even doing a trampoline photo booth! How exciting! If I recall correctly, one of our brides this year is bringing in a bouncy house for the ‘kids’ (because we all know adults still love them too).

5. Unplugged – getting your guests to stay off their devices during your wedding.  Some couples have even opted to have a phone check at the door, like a coat check.

6. Super Charged – opposite of #5. If you are in tune with technology, this is an option for you. You can have your own custom #hashtag and have guests Instagram your entire event! You can also set up a chic phone charging station for your guests.

7. Brights – bright colors are back on the rage. Not necessarily having a ton of bright colors, more like having a few neutrals with a pop of candy apple red or royal blue.

8. Trash-the-dress Backlash – back to the classic, formal portraits. Instead of brides ‘trashing’ their dress in a wedding photo, such as jumping in the water, many brides are going back to their formal portraits.

9. The 90’s – yes they are back! Brides have been asking their DJ’s for vinyl records and having break dancers for entertainment.

10. The After Party – for the bride who doesn’t want the wedding to end. A good way to be respectful for those who do not want to stay out all night, is to have your cake cutting, first dance and bouquet toss earlier in the night. Have the after party in another location such as a cabin that was rented for the evening.


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