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Don’t know where to start with your wedding inspiration board? Feeling lost with all the design options available?

Check out our tips and tricks to design your wedding without paying for a planner.

I recently attended The Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, the conference for wedding professionals throughout the nation, which was extremely helpful to me in a variety of ways. I was able to attend a few workshops hosted by celebrity wedding planners and gained a ton of useful tips on putting together a wedding inspiration board. If you’re considering hiring a wedding planner to assist with the design and day of coordination for your wedding, you already know that wedding planning services can cost thousands of dollars. We don’t believe in spending an arm and a leg for weddings here at the lodge, which is why we include day-of coordination services and staff support 365 days a year. That said, if you’re concerned about the design of your wedding and want to create a highly personal, beautiful, and impressive mountain reception room and ceremony site, take a look at the information on inspiration boards and start planning a wedding that reflects your couple personality perfectly. Now you can create a professional wedding look using your preferences without having to break the bank or dip into your honeymoon fund!

The board I put together was one I created using photos I found on Pinterest that I call soufflé. Why did I title this inspiration board? Well, that was a recommendation from the trend setting professionals at The Wedding Guys. The design gurus recommend that inspiration boards don’t have literal names so that guests could get an idea of the theme without it becoming overly cliché or unoriginal. I happen to be a big fan of pastel yellows and grays for our summer and fall weddings, and the soufflé inspiration conjures images of a charming bistro on the French countryside. I also love the look of hanging crystals, hanging candles, yellow pom flowers, and multi-dimentional decorations to add lots of life and spirit to decorations! To put together this board, I pretended I was a Wild Basin bride and I filled out the following questionnaire:

  • What are some adjectives to describe your wedding and what you want your guests to feel? …Quaint, elegant, charming, bright, cheery, vintage, rustic, lively, unique, authentic, family-oriented, eclectic
  • What are some of your favorite colors and colors you want to see at your wedding?  …Pastels, yellows, silver, gray, whites, creams
  • What are colors you don’t want to see?  …Red, blue, black

If I went with the soufflé theme at a Wild Basin wedding, I would probably select some combination of our medrite gray and maize linens, I would use Colorado Rose Cake Company to create a dessert table, Floral Designs of Europe to add yellow aspen leaf centerpieces and yellow pom flower bouquets, I would let my bridesmaid select their dresses based on the color scheme I selected, and I would purchase a lot of the yellow and gray prints at a fabric store to add to dessert tables, guest book tables, seating arrangement areas, etc. I would also plan to make the circular fan decorations using printed paper and doilies, so lots of DIY projects would require my attention and time.

Check out more inspiration board photos on our new Soufflé Pinterest board.

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