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Winter Activities Around Estes Park

What to do when going to a winter wedding in the Estes Park area

Seemingly, there are fewer things to do around Estes Park than on the other side of the divide. The ski areas may have downhill skiing, but there are a variety of things to do around here as well. Here is a list of winter activities available to help you plan what to do while you are in the area.


Cross Country Skiing

Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or an excited beginner, there is plenty of opportunity for you around here. Rocky Mountain National Park is just steps away whether you are in Estes Park itself or in the surrounding towns. The farther from Estes you are there is national forest to explore; around here, there is never a shortage of wilderness.

Trail Ridge Road offers a great area for beginners to explore, and there are easy trails deeper in the park as well, such as the Sprague Lake to Glacier Basin Campground Loop. More experienced backcountry skiers will enjoy beautiful trails in the park, but be prepared before you head out as these trails are less traveled.

If you need to rent cross country skis or gear, the Estes Park Mountain Shop has everything you need.


Who doesn’t love careening down a snow-covered slope at high speed? Okay, maybe not everyone, but if you do there is sledding in Estes Park at the old ski hill. Estes Park Mountain Shop offers daily sled rentals, and you can pick up any additional warm clothes  you may need as well.


Go for a hike in the snow. It is a different experience than in the summer. There is a quiet and calmness that you can’t experience any other time of year when the snow dulls the sounds around you. Many businesses in the Estes area rent equipment and offer guided tours. Your trip length, whether you want hot chocolate or lunch included, and the intensity of the trip is up to you.

Walk around Lake Estes or Lilly Lake

For a less intensive, or time consuming, outdoor adventure walk around one of the lakes in the area. Lake Estes and Lilly Lake are easy to get to and close to amenities. Lake Estes is right in the middle of town and there is a 3.8 mile path around it. Lilly Lake is off Highway 7 toward Allenspark. There is also a hiking trail that loops to the top of nearby Lily Mountain, in case anyone in your party wants to snowshoe while the others walk around the lake.


Estes Park


In Estes, you will find a proliferation of shopping opportunities. There are numerous shops full of painted art, pottery and photography. Jewelry and knickknack shops abound. Souvenir shops are on every corner. You will even find stores that offer incredible decorations for your home.

Liquor Tasting

If beer, wine or whiskey is more your thing, take a local winery, breweries and distillery tour. There are a surprising number of options for a little mountain town.

Climbing Wall

Estes Park is a big climbing town, even in the winter. Estes Park Mountain Shop has a wonderful indoor climbing wall and equipment rentals for when you feel the need to climb but there is snow on the ground.

Real Weddings – Wild Basin Lodge

Real Weddings – Wild Basin Lodge

Gain inspiration from past Wild Basin weddings

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming; there are so many decisions to make! Take a look at real weddings that have taken place at Wild Basin to glean ideas for your wedding, and to simply enjoy the beauty and happiness. They’ll make you smile! Learn more about hosting your wedding at Wild Basin Lodge.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite real weddings held at the lodge.

Samantha & Marc

The beauty of the early August colors don’t compare to that of the genuine smiles.

Kimberly & Travis

A beautiful dress with illusion sleeves.

Angela & Michael

Fall colors and bright floral arrangements.

Photography: True Photography


Debbie & Jay

Fall magnificence and big smiles.

Photography by Kelly Lemon Photography.

Molly & Matt

The beauty is in the detail.

Photography by Mallory Munson Photography.

Justin & Lindsey

A romantic spring wedding.

Austin & Kirsten

The bride’s big smile is infectious.

Lauren & Daisy

Their 1920’s theme makes us jealous of their creativity and style.

Photography: Lady Ilg

Madison & Adam

The attention to detail was impeccable.

Nikita & Gabriel

There is something about a traditional Indian wedding that just radiates beauty.

Alexa & Dylan

Their winter wedding was stylish and warm.

Madison & Shawn

A beautiful and natural summer wedding.

Madison & Scott

A beautiful, foggy fall wedding.

Mountain Winter Weddings

Reasons why they are are worth your consideration

When we think “wedding” often the mental image accompanying the word is of summer. We love summer weddings here at Wild Basin Lodge, but equally adore winter weddings. Here is why mountain winter weddings are worth considering.

They are unique

Wedding season is traditionally in the summer. How many save the dates do you have on your fridge for the months of June, July, and August? By the end of the season they are likely to be one big blur of wedding fun. Winter weddings stand out in your guest’s memory as something unique and special. They will always remember the winter wonderland backdrop and the seasonal touches.

A snowcapped mountain backdrop

Outdoor ceremonies aren’t only for summer. Imagine taking your vows in front of the stunning snowcapped Rocky Mountains. Whether it’s a sunny day with bright blue skies or overcast with snow flurries, the brilliant white snow complements the forest and makes the mountains stand out magnificently. Photographers love snowy conditions and come away with some of the most beautiful, unique photos we’ve seen. See examples in our gallery.

mountain winter wedding

Outdoor winter ceremonies: they don’t have to be miserable

Guests get to expand their wardrobe with cute winter clothing. Blankets personalized with your names and wedding date will help to keep them warm, and make great gifts. An outdoor hot chocolate bar will give them something warm to sip on. The wedding party can get creative with warm clothing – the possibilities are endless!

Cozy mountain lodge atmosphere

Picture your guests warming up with a warm cocktail next to a roaring fire. Your reception decorated with seasonally influenced centerpieces. The snowy Rocky Mountains on display from the warmth of the reception room. It would be like a coveted ski-lodge vacation, but without the cheesy sweaters and in celebration of you!

mountain winter weddings: cozy lodge atmosphere

Winter is a not the height of vacation season

Speaking of all those summer save the dates… why put off your wedding another year so as not to overwhelm friends and family with one more travel commitment? Summer can be a busy time for your guests; a winter wedding is easier to attend.

They are less expensive

Many vendors and venues, including Wild Basin Lodge, offer off-season pricing. Now, that is just icing on the wedding cake!

Plan your winter wedding

Contact us to learn more about planning mountain winter weddings at Wild Basin Lodge.

Plan a 2016 Wedding – Impetuous Love Promotion

A 2016 Wedding Promotion from the Wild Basin Lodge

At Wild Basin Lodge, we love love and we want to celebrate couples that just can’t wait the year or two to plan their wedding. Last minute wedding planning is in the eye of the beholder, but to make planning easier on you we reserved limited dates (effective immediately) and created a special package for all of you spontaneous couples who are looking to plan a 2016 wedding. We’re calling this the Wild Basin Lodge Impetuous Love Promotion!

Make your dream wedding come true this year – and save

This unique package bundles all standard wedding services and many non-standard services into one affordable per person price, taxes and service fees included, introducing serious cost and time savings for you.

Elect the package and our coordinators will work through all the details with you to make the planning process simple and streamlined. Let us take care of services and vendors; all you have to do is choose a dress and get the guests here!

Wild Basin Lodge is the only all-inclusive venue specializing exclusively in weddings. At the Wild Basin Lodge your backdrop embraces the unspoiled natural beauty and panoramic views of the stunning Colorado Rocky Mountains. We have a unique system, which is tailored to the two of you, designed to alleviate stress and make your dreams come true.

Plan a 2016 Wedding

Please contact us for details and eligibility requirements! We look forward to helping you plan your dream mountain wedding.


Plan a 2016 wedding - Wild Basin Lodge Impetuous Love Promotion

Photography Courtesy of: The Colagrossis and Caroline Colvin Photography

Grand Wedding Send Off

Grand Wedding Send Off

Get Ideas for Your Unique Wedding Send Off

With the amazing Rocky Mountain range as your backdrop, you can orchestrate an epic grand wedding send off at The Wild Basin Lodge.

Who wouldn’t want to have an amazing send off? Sparklers! Eco-friendly confetti! Balloons! Sky Lanterns! Flower petals! You name it, we can help you accomplish the best grand wedding send off you can imagine.

Here are a few of my favorite options:

Eco-Friendly Confetti/EcoFetti

This is a great option in the great outdoors. You can choose the color you desire without leaving a mess for you or your venue to clean up. Still gives you the effect of paper confetti without the guilt of not picking up each piece.

wedding sendoff: Lodge Ecofetti

Sky Lanters/Paper Lanterns

This is a beautifully peaceful way of saying goodnight to your friends and family. You can even order eco-friendly paper lanterns.

Note: these aren’t great in high winds or a heavily wooded area. If you have a great open space to let these beauties go, they make for a gorgeous sight and incredible memories of the night.

wedding sendoff: Paper Lantern


Flower Petals

This is also a great eco-friendly option. You can either get fresh flower petals from your florist or you can order freeze-dried flower petals from an online option. Don’t forget a paper cone to put the flower petals in so it is an easy toss for your guests.

wedding sendoff: flower petals in recycled paper cone


Some other amazing options you can have at your wedding are balloons, birdseed, glow sticks, sparklers (make sure they are the extra long ones so you can have lots of light to get your photos taken), streamers, bubbles, ribbon batons…. there are so many options! Check out our Pinterest board on Grand Wedding Exits.