Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Ideas

Tips to make your winter wedding special and unique

Why should you love the idea of a winter wedding? Winter weddings are surprisingly looked over more often than not, but they can be wonderfully unique, elegant and warm. Take a look through the tips and ideas below for winter wedding ideas.

Working with the elements:


  • Jacket: Choose a jacket that fits the season. A winter wedding is a great opportunity to add more style and choose a more unique jacket styles and color. You can opt for a darker, more traditional suit jacket or you can use the colder season to try some different styles. A hunting jacket (the traditional english shooting jackets) is a great option. They are usually wool and photograph beautifully, plus they have multiple color schemes and patterns to go with any color scheme. A tweed or houndstooth jacket would be great options as well.
    Winter Wedding Ideas - Men's suit and boutonnière
  • Hats: Hats can add a fun element to you wedding and bring out your own personality. In the winter, you can bundle up or be true to yourself. You don’t have to play by anyone’s rules!
    Winter Wedding Ideas - Groom in Cowboy hat
  • Foot wear: With the cold and wet weather, you may choose to wear a more practical option. Several brands now offer sleek and stylish snow boots. Or colorful rain boots are another great option to add some cheer to your day. Feeling more traditional? Maybe a sleek riding boot is more your style. As always, it all comes down to what you feel comfortable in.


  • The dress is the best part about a winter wedding. The cooler weather gives you the opportunity to buy a dress with more fabric without the fear of overheating. You can also look for a dress with pockets! Who doesn’t love hidden pockets to keep lipstick and to keep your hand warms? With a winter wedding you can add the glitter and glam. The extra sparkles really look beautiful with the snow. With it being the end of wedding season you might be able to get your dress at a more affordable price because it is right before the new lines come out. A great bonus for the stylish and thrifty bride.
    Winter Wedding Dress
  • Shawl/Jackets: The best part about adding a shawl to your wedding ensemble is that it adds a vintage and classic feel, all while keeping you warm. You may decide to do a full jacket, this means it can be a colored wool trench coat, a fur coat, or just a sweater that adds just the right amount of color to your dream wedding dress. The last option is to choose a blanket instead. This could be used to add a fun intimacy to the photos between you and your hubby -who doesn’t enjoy snuggling?
    Winter Wedding IdeasWild Basin Lodge Winter Wedding - Winter Kiss AmphitheaterWild Basin Lodge Winter Wedding Riverside
  • Tights: Choose your favorite brand and add the layers! Tights can make the chilliest of days bearable.
  • Gloves and Mittens: Mittens add a really nice feel of romance and gloves could add a vintage feel for you as well. Instead of the gloves being leather they could be a nice shade of red or eggplant. The gloves could also be your somethings borrowed, maybe grandma has a pair of white satin gloves she wore for her wedding day? Lastly you could always go with using a fur muff to keep your hands warm. This would add a really nice bit of elegance as well as stepping up the classic look as well as making Audrey Hepburn proud.
  • Shoes: We are lucky to have lots of options. On a warmer winter day, a heel may still be a great option for you. Worried about cold weather? Coordinate with your husband to be. Snow boots, rain boots, riding boots, and cowboy boots are all great options and will keep your feet warm.
    Wild Basin Lodge Winter Wedding - Winter Wedding Kiss in front of the Wild Basin LodgeThe best part about the fashion for a winter wedding is that all of the extras such as; gloves, mittens, hats, and blankets can actually be coordinated to be your gifts to your bridal party!

Winter Wedding Party Favor Ideas:

Dare to be different, if you choose a winter wedding you don’t have to compete with your friends party favors that they all did this summer instead you can take notes and add a bit more festivity and creativity to your gift giving. For example, in the winter months you can give a hot chocolate mix as a favor and it is something the guests will be able to use. Want more ideas? See below.

  • Gingerbread Cookies
  • Chocolates (Shaped as snowflakes, snowmen, snowboarders, skies, ice skates, golden leaves ect.) Chocolate in any form in the winter is a good gift!
  • Hot Chocolate mix placed with in a mason jar, or a plastic easy to open ornament.
  • Chestnuts
  • Candles
  • Fire Starters that smell good.
  • Ornaments
  • Winter Wedding Decoration ideas:

Still not convinced?

Here’s six more reasons why you should consider a winter wedding.

How to Personalize Your Wedding

How to Personalize Your Wedding

Tips and ideas to make your special day fit the two of you

You’ve dreamed of your wedding since you were little and now you finally get to plan it! Chances are you’ve imagined it in broad terms – it’ll be in the mountains, you’ll have barbecue for dinner and you’ll invite all of your friends and family. But what about the smaller details? What will your guests eat? What sort of favors will you send home with them? How will you decorate? With these details comes fantastic opportunity to make your wedding unique and reflective of the two of you as a couple, and to have fun doing it!

Here are just a few ideas of how to personalize your wedding.


There is the traditional way to organize your ceremony: your dad walks you down the aisle, preceded by your wedding party and a licensed official marries you. But say your dog is basically your child and you don’t go anywhere without him or her. You could have your dog walk you and your father down the aisle, preceding you as you walk toward the alter and your partner. You could have your mom and your dad walk you down the aisle, or your entire immediate family, if you all are that close.

Have a friend or family member marry you instead of a church or court official. This special person can easily become licensed online, or if you live in a state that allows self-solemnization, he or she doesn’t need to become licensed; you and your partner will sign the license instead of the officiate, as parties to the marriage.

Use items from around your home to decorate the aisle; why buy new decorations you’ll only use once? You can turn many things into planters to display flowers in. One past Wild Basin wedding with a strong ranching history used cowboy boots from different family members to display flowers.

Use guesterly to produce a custom program that your friends and family contributed to. They’ll love seeing their favorite thoughts included in your wedding.



Change up the timeline to suit your ideal order of events. Want to have the toasts at the ceremony? Want to have your first dance before dinner? Why not? You know each other and your guests, and you know what would make sense for your reception. Don’t be afraid to break away from tradition and change things up. Your guests will remember your wedding for it.

Decorations & Centerpieces

Choose decorations that represent your hobbies, interests, or family histories. Not really a flower person? Get crafty and make something to display: use an online caricature services to create cartoons from photos and then write comics to tell your stories, placing them at each table and around the room. Go to a thrift store and buy old costume jewelry and arrange them like flowers. Are you a gaming couple? Board games, that is; artistically arrange different board games at the center of each table along with a photo of the two of playing it.


Choose food items for your menu that reflect a special time in your relationship. Do you still talk about the meal you both loved on your first date? Ask your caterer to make it for your dinner. Did you bond over bread pudding or is going out for ice cream something special you do together? Serve them instead of cake.


Have a drink you just love? Serve specialty cocktails that are meaningful to you in some way, or provide the beer that is a staple in your home.


Give your guests something they’ll use. Are you a coffee or tea lover? Bag up small bags of coffee beans or tea bags and put them in mugs with your names and wedding date on them. Have lip balm personalized with a silly saying you two share. Get coupons for a local breakfast restaurant near where your guests are staying and arrange with the restaurant that the first cup of coffee is on you. Create crossword puzzles or word search games that tell your story using an online puzzle generator. Like playing cards? Have custom playing cards printed so your guests will always remember your special day.

Personalize items your guests will use

There are many companies online that will personalize almost anything for you. Pint/wine/shot glasses, paper napkins, candle holders, you name it – they’ll do it. Personalize say, the pint glasses the bar will serve beer in, then let guests take one home at the end of the night. Have special cocktail napkins printed with your names and date to leave around the venue for when a guest has a drink or eats cake.


Wild Basin Wedding couples are pretty creative – take a look at some examples

Googling “how to personalize your wedding” will bring you to numerous sites that will get your creative mind flowing. Take a look at our Pinterest board Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding. Search, browse… get inspired!


Photography credits

Please visit the websites of the artists whose work is featured in this slideshow: Visual Poetry by MeghanMallory Munson Photography, KJ & Rob Photography, Karrah Flores Photography. Each of them are incredibly good at what they do and offer a wonderful choice for your wedding day photographer.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Find ideas for your wedding

Choose any centerpiece style you’re looking for, Wild Basin Lodge’s elegant yet rustic mountain lodge is minimalist so that your centerpieces will stand out and make your wedding personal and memorable.

Go with an elegant, traditional feel that is heavy on flowers or get creative and make each centerpiece reflect the two of you as a couple. We’ve seen science fiction themes, bohemian collections, all kinds of photos, heirlooms from grandma, favorite games, and more. The more creative, whether you achieve it with flowers or objects, the more personalized and intimate your wedding will feel to you and your guests.


Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Scroll through the photos below to see some of our favorite centerpieces we have seen at Wild Basin; we love the creativity!



Take a look at some photos – can you picture your wedding here?

Summer Mountain Weddings

Summer Mountain Weddings

Summer in the mountains is perfect for a wedding

The colors of the mountains and meadows are vibrant. Nature surrounds you and your guests. Your wedding provides your guests with that mountain getaway they’ve been meaning to take but haven’t quite gotten around to yet.

Read on to learn about planning your summer mountain wedding.


In the Rocky Mountains summers are warm and colors are brilliant. Early to mid-summer (mid-June, July and early August) it is lush and green, and wildflowers abound. Mid to late summer (August, September, early October) the green slowly wears into the golds and reds of autumn. The skies are a brilliant blue, intermittently crowded with storm clouds. Rain clouds are not a bad thing; pictures taken under cloudy skies tend to be some of the most beautiful due to the lighting it provides the camera.


While May is considered the beginning of summer on the plains, it is still spring in the mountains. There is often snow through the end of the month and it is still slightly chilly. However, there are warm, snowless days interspersed. If you choose a May wedding date, be aware that there may be snow the day of, but it will still be beautiful!

As summer arrives rain replaces the snow and is common well into August. It comes and goes in sporadic showers and rarely rains for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

If it is not a stormy day, the skies are a brilliant blue and relatively cloudless. The weather is usually warm, bordering on hot. If it is a rainy day then it will be on the cooler side, but it is not often cold.

It is a good idea to let your guests know to prepare for all types of weather; it is not uncommon to have all four seasons in one day, especially early in the summer. Your guests will be most comfortable if they have closed-toed shoes and a sweater or light jacket with them just in case.

What to Plan For

Plan for all four seasons despite the month you are getting married. As mentioned above, it is not uncommon to experience all four seasons in one day in the mountains, especially early in the summer. Bring warm clothing to have just in case so you will be comfortable no matter what the weather brings and be aware that it is likely to rain. If you have a rain jacket bring it; it’s no fun to walk around wet!

Bring plenty of sunscreen. The sunshine is intense at high elevation and will lead to a sunburn quickly. Make sure to slather plenty on if you plan to be outside for any length of time; you don’t want sunburn lines in your wedding photos!

Along with the sunscreen, bring bug-resistant clothing (light-weight, long pants and sleeves), bug spray, or citronella candles or clips. It is pretty buggy in the mountains in the summer time and they can be irritating! Also, you don’t want any mosquito welts in your wedding photos.

Things to consider

Summer is in-season for mountain wedding venues, so take into consideration that it might be harder to get your desired wedding date; venues and vendors and can book out up to a year in advance. You can avoid having to settle for a different date or waiting another year to marry by searching for your venue and vendors early.

Summer is tourist season. There will be a lot of tourists milling around, so it might make things for you and your guests more difficult. Traffic, restaurant reservations, and hotel reservations are just a few things that can be affected. Planning ahead of time for things like lodging, rehearsal dinners, and driving times can negate these issues.

At The Basin

At Wild Basin Lodge, your wedding ceremony will take place in either a meadow or alongside a river, with mountain views in the background. Pine trees, aspens and wildflowers abound, making a wedding here beautiful at any time of year.

Our event staff keeps an eye out for rainclouds the day of your wedding, and will consult with you if rain is coming. Your wedding will be the only wedding of the day, so we are able to adjust your timeline to accommodate any weather delays. If you choose to get married in the rain (many do!) then we have umbrellas for each of your guests so that they can stay dry while you say “I do.”

The Lodge is a private wedding venue hosting only one wedding a day, and lodge rooms are only open to wedding guests so you won’t need to worry about tourists clogging up your wedding activities. Learn more about hosting your wedding at Wild Basin Lodge.

Mountain Winter Weddings

Mountain Winter Weddings

Reasons why they are are worth your consideration

When we think “wedding” often the mental image accompanying the word is of summer. We love summer weddings here at Wild Basin Lodge, but equally adore winter weddings. Here is why mountain winter weddings are worth considering.

They are unique

Wedding season is traditionally in the summer. How many save the dates do you have on your fridge for the months of June, July, and August? By the end of the season they are likely to be one big blur of wedding fun. Winter weddings stand out in your guest’s memory as something unique and special. They will always remember the winter wonderland backdrop and the seasonal touches.

A snowcapped mountain backdrop

Outdoor ceremonies aren’t only for summer. Imagine taking your vows in front of the stunning snowcapped Rocky Mountains. Whether it’s a sunny day with bright blue skies or overcast with snow flurries, the brilliant white snow complements the forest and makes the mountains stand out magnificently. Photographers love snowy conditions and come away with some of the most beautiful, unique photos we’ve seen. See examples in our gallery.

mountain winter wedding

Outdoor winter ceremonies: they don’t have to be miserable

Guests get to expand their wardrobe with cute winter clothing. Blankets personalized with your names and wedding date will help to keep them warm, and make great gifts. An outdoor hot chocolate bar will give them something warm to sip on. The wedding party can get creative with warm clothing – the possibilities are endless!

Cozy mountain lodge atmosphere

Picture your guests warming up with a warm cocktail next to a roaring fire. Your reception decorated with seasonally influenced centerpieces. The snowy Rocky Mountains on display from the warmth of the reception room. It would be like a coveted ski-lodge vacation, but without the cheesy sweaters and in celebration of you!

mountain winter weddings: cozy lodge atmosphere

Winter is a not the height of vacation season

Speaking of all those summer save the dates… why put off your wedding another year so as not to overwhelm friends and family with one more travel commitment? Summer can be a busy time for your guests; a winter wedding is easier to attend.

They are less expensive

Many vendors and venues, including Wild Basin Lodge, offer off-season pricing. Now, that is just icing on the wedding cake!

Plan your winter wedding

Contact us to learn more about planning mountain winter weddings at Wild Basin Lodge.