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The Winter’s Night Stay contest is open to all US residents who are at least twenty-one (21) years old at the time of entry. Employees of Wild Basin Lodge & Event Center and its vendors, as well as immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and household members of each such employee are not eligible.


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The contest begins on April 19th, 2017 at 9:00AM MST and ends on April 26th, 2017 at 5:00PM MST. Entries that are submitted before or after the Contest Period will be disqualified. Submissions will be accepted for the duration of the Contest using any of the following methods: Facebook comment submissions on Wild Basin Lodge & Event Center’s status updates. Drawing will be held April 27th, 2017.


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Once the drawing ends and the correct answer has been posted on the respective Facebook status, Wild Basin Lodge & Eent Center has 24 hours to notify the winner via a Facebook message and email. If the winner does not respond within 24 hour of notification, the winner foregoes said prize. The odds of winning depend upon the number of entries per each trivia question.

Our Engagement Story: Rachel & Barnett

Rachel… Did you step in front of Barnett, on purpose?

It all started on a cool fall afternoon in Richmond,

A at a friendly Capital One intramural flag football game. Barnett was preoccupied with the game and Rachel became the unfortunate casualty of his over-exuberant play. Rachel was attempting to block Barnett from getting to the quarterback when she stepped in front of him. He didn’t anticipate her move and knocked her straight to the ground. Some say she stepped in front of him on purpose. Trying to be the gentlemen, Barnett helped Rachel to her feet and apologized.A few weeks later, they met again at a party hosted by a mutual friend. After chatting all night, they really got to know each other and began dating. When Barnett moved to New York City, Rachel followed shortly after and that’s when their adventures together truly began.

The Proposal

After dating for five and half years, Barnett proposed on Friday May 13, 2016.

When Rachel came home from the gym, it felt like a normal day. Barnett was home earlier than usual, but she didn’t think anything of it since it was a Friday. After getting changed Rachel started putting together Bahn Mi sandwiches for dinner. She cooked the pork while working at home and it was sitting on the stove. They talked in the kitchen while Rachel put together the sandwiches. She asked him to get a cucumber out of the fridge and he seemed to hesitate a moment, she still didn’t think anything of it. Barnett was about to bring the food to the table when she quickly went into the fridge to grab something. Rachel yelled and jumped back in surprise. Barnett turned around and looked at her as if she screeched about a mouse. On the top shelf of the fridge was the engagement ring and a note that said “Will you marry me?” She had guessed Barnett would propose soon but it still took her by surprise. Rachel jumped up and down saying “Yes, Yes, I will.” Forgetting that he had a note in the fridge, Barnett paused and asked “yes to what?” Oh right, the question was on the note. Rachel couldn’t stop smiling and hugging him. The proposal was perfect and the ring was exactly what she wanted.

Photography: Maria Harte Photography

Our Engagement Story - Alex & Holly

How He Asked

Alex and Holly frequently visit a large local park.  This park has a fenced dog park and endless views of pine trees. It just also happens to be beautifully set directly in front of the front range of the Southern Rocky Mountains, a beautiful pond stocked with fish and to top it off; a gazebo and fountain. Alex and Holly go to this park almost every weekend in the summer with their two dogs, Snickers and Maggie. Alex came up with the idea to propose at the park. The was to drop on one knee in the middle of the gazebo, using the fountain and mountain background setting, which would be perfect for pictures. Alex thought he had it all figured out and since they were at the park so often, Holly wouldn’t expect proposal….

The Big Day

The big day rolled around, but before leaving Alex had to find a way to stealthily hide the ring in a pants pocket. Alex, Holly, and the dogs went about their normal routine as they entered the park. They took a lap around the dog park; so the dogs could play off-leash. Then they all explored the pond. This is where they both hoped Maggie would learn how to swim. As they got to the pond, they took Maggie off-leash and allowed her to jump around in the water. Meanwhile, some other folks and their golden retriever were also at the pond and playing fetch with a ball.  Maggie saw the ball and quickly became enamored. It was now her life’s goal to retrieve that ball. Alex and Holly expected Maggie, who is half-retriever,  to become an above average or even strong swimmer like most retrievers are. Little did they know Maggie about to almost spoil the big moment for Alex….

Oh no, Maggie

Just then the random dog owners threw the ball for their pup into the pond. Maggie tore into the water with reckless abandonment in an attempt to retrieve it. There were two problems with this. Maggie had never so gone deep. She always stayed where her feet could touch the bottom. She also rarely retrieves anything unless it’s food. As soon as Maggie got into “the deep end”, she quickly scrambled on top of a large rock in the pond. She sat, looking terrified and unsure what to do. Then, she fell in. It was a head first plunge into the water, as her back legs and butt stayed on the rock. Alex and Holly were literally watching their puppy drown. At that moment, Alex began to empty his pockets, including the ring, in an attempt to save the hapless canine. Luckily for everyone, Maggie fell completely in and got her head and frightened eyes above water. She was able to make her way back to the safety of land. The proposal was nearly ruined by a retriever mix that is awful at retrieving and even worse at swimming.

Wait For It…

As Alex and Holly walked their wet and terrified puppy, Alex observed the Gazebo was full of random people doing random things. Not wanting this family of randoms to ruin the moment, Alex found a secluded park bench where he convinced Holly she should sit with the dog for a picture. As Holly posed with her pup, Alex dropped to one knee and presented the ring. Holly was (not so) surprised and immediately said yes!

They loaded up the dogs and headed to their favorite local brewery, where Alex had a group of friends ready to surprise Holly. Holly was convinced their friends just happened to be out at the brewery, but as more showed up, she realized it was all part of the plan. It was a great ending to a perfect morning, one which was almost spoiled by a 50-pound Labradoodle-mix.

15 Years of Wedding Trends

15 Years of Wedding Trends

Just for fun

It is fun to look back at how people dressed in the past, especially at weddings. Wedding party outfits aren’t something you see everyday so it can be surprising to realize how much things change in a relatively short time period. Dresses, popular color choice and bouquets have all changed a lot in the past 15 years.  Even the physical appearance of Wild Basin Lodge & Event Center is recognizably different.

Take a moment and look through some past wedding trends – it’ll make you smile!


The wedding trend: fewer church ceremonies, more strapless dresses and an increase in colored sashes, beading and embroidery on bridal dresses.

Flowers started to move away from cascading oversized bouquets to smaller, more manageable sizes. Roses and tropical flowers were making a statement and usually in the popular colors of the time: red and white. The stems showed and a ribbon was used to accent the colors in your wedding.

Couples were just starting to break from tradition and really personalize their weddings with decorations and table centerpieces. Silk flowers, mirrors and vases with floating candles were very popular.

Couples were just starting to integrate the following things that today, we think of as standard:

  • Personal wedding sites
  • Registering online
  • Attendants switching sides
  • Work of art cakes


The wedding trend: DIY. Pinterest, blogs and social media have had a huge influence in the past 6 years on couples looking for DIY options in their wedding planning, and the creativity just keeps getting better.

More couples chose to marry on a day of the week other than Saturday and it became more important to have locally-sourced food served at receptions.

Dresses with pick-up skirts started hitting the aisle in the mid-2000s – leading to more textured skirts that made the standard ball gown dress much more unique. Ball gown-styled dresses became less popular, at least here at our mountain venue, with mermaid, trumpet and A-line styles taking its place. Regardless the style of the dress, beading and embroidery are still very popular and becoming more beautiful as time passes.

Flowers are still moving farther away from the oversized cascading bouquets, but aren’t quite as small. With so many ideas on the internet, couples are getting creative with their flowers. Succulents, wild flowers and “bling-bouquets” are more the trend rather than the traditional rose bouquet. Texture seems to be the key for a unique wedding flowers.

Trends that have hit the wedding scene BIG – so much that we still see them here at Wild Basin, and surely will for years to come:

  • Photo Booths
  • Videography (making an exciting comeback!)
  • Specialty music
  • Themed engagement photo shoots
  • Grand exits


Trends to look for… and incorporate into your wedding:

  • Color comeback
  • Elaborate entrances
  • Destination weddings with surprise settings
  • Décor in all directions – literally… using space from the ceiling to the floor, and to the windows.. and the walls!
  • Interactive stations
  • Seeking unique photography styles