Our Engagement Story: Ashley & Chris

Ashley tells us her engagement story –

and after six years, she has her Happily Ever After.

Christopher and I met in my first week in college. Since I had moved across the country for school, I didn’t know a soul. Chris would skip class to come eat lunch with me, even if he had already eaten, just so I wouldn’t have to eat alone. As time went on we graduated and fell into our respective careers, me, a Neonatal ICU nurse and him an environmental conservation steward. Six years into dating, I had given up on him ever proposing and we would just be dating forever. In late fall of 2016 we took a long weekend to visit his parents and sister in Fort Collins, where he had grown up.

We packed up our dog and a spare change of clothes and piled into the car; when all of a sudden Chris jumps up from the driver’s seat mumbling about forgetting something. I was half asleep and didn’t pay much attention, but this was his way of smuggling in the ring. We get up to Fort Collins, have dinner with his parents and relax since I had worked the night shift before the drive up. We woke up the next morning and Chris started to pester me about going for a hike. When I finally concede to go hiking, he gets all three dogs, ours and his parent’s two, and throws all of us in the car. Halloween of 2016 was 80 degrees in Fort Collins, of course. He pops out of the car at the trailhead and is practically jumping up and down. He forgot to mention that the trail was two and a half miles up hill and mostly rocky. In all of our previous hikes he would get to the top and say “Are you mad? Do you still love me?” I would be hot and out of breath and reply with a huff, “No.” He would laugh and start back down the trail encouraging and poking fun at me for being so slow.

Well, what do you expect when he hikes for a living!


Anyway, this hike that we are currently on is getting hot and incredibly steep. We had to help the dogs climb the steep parts that are coming more often.  Finally we reach the top that overlooks the town for Fort Collins with Horsetooth Rock behind us. We find a shady place to rest with the dogs and watch the scene below us. Chris slides over to me asking if I’m too warm and tried. I was! After lifting our 85 pound chocolate lab up 15 feet of rock face and barely getting any sleep this weekend. Smiling he says “Are you mad at me? Do you still want to marry me?” I look at him, pouting “No” I say.

Pulling out my grandmother’s diamond he asks, “Even if I have a ring?

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