Our Engagement Story: Rachel & Barnett

Rachel… Did you step in front of Barnett, on purpose?

It all started on a cool fall afternoon in Richmond,

A at a friendly Capital One intramural flag football game. Barnett was preoccupied with the game and Rachel became the unfortunate casualty of his over-exuberant play. Rachel was attempting to block Barnett from getting to the quarterback when she stepped in front of him. He didn’t anticipate her move and knocked her straight to the ground. Some say she stepped in front of him on purpose. Trying to be the gentlemen, Barnett helped Rachel to her feet and apologized.A few weeks later, they met again at a party hosted by a mutual friend. After chatting all night, they really got to know each other and began dating. When Barnett moved to New York City, Rachel followed shortly after and that’s when their adventures together truly began.

The Proposal

After dating for five and half years, Barnett proposed on Friday May 13, 2016.

When Rachel came home from the gym, it felt like a normal day. Barnett was home earlier than usual, but she didn’t think anything of it since it was a Friday. After getting changed Rachel started putting together Bahn Mi sandwiches for dinner. She cooked the pork while working at home and it was sitting on the stove. They talked in the kitchen while Rachel put together the sandwiches. She asked him to get a cucumber out of the fridge and he seemed to hesitate a moment, she still didn’t think anything of it. Barnett was about to bring the food to the table when she quickly went into the fridge to grab something. Rachel yelled and jumped back in surprise. Barnett turned around and looked at her as if she screeched about a mouse. On the top shelf of the fridge was the engagement ring and a note that said “Will you marry me?” She had guessed Barnett would propose soon but it still took her by surprise. Rachel jumped up and down saying “Yes, Yes, I will.” Forgetting that he had a note in the fridge, Barnett paused and asked “yes to what?” Oh right, the question was on the note. Rachel couldn’t stop smiling and hugging him. The proposal was perfect and the ring was exactly what she wanted.

Photography: Maria Harte Photography

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