Winter Activities Around Estes Park

Winter Activities Around Estes Park

What to do when going to a winter wedding in the Estes Park area

Seemingly, there are fewer things to do around Estes Park than on the other side of the divide. The ski areas may have downhill skiing, but there are a variety of things to do around here as well. Here is a list of winter activities available to help you plan what to do while you are in the area.


Cross Country Skiing

Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or an excited beginner, there is plenty of opportunity for you around here. Rocky Mountain National Park is just steps away whether you are in Estes Park itself or in the surrounding towns. The farther from Estes you are there is national forest to explore; around here, there is never a shortage of wilderness.

Trail Ridge Road offers a great area for beginners to explore, and there are easy trails deeper in the park as well, such as the Sprague Lake to Glacier Basin Campground Loop. More experienced backcountry skiers will enjoy beautiful trails in the park, but be prepared before you head out as these trails are less traveled.

If you need to rent cross country skis or gear, the Estes Park Mountain Shop has everything you need.


Who doesn’t love careening down a snow-covered slope at high speed? Okay, maybe not everyone, but if you do there is sledding in Estes Park at the old ski hill. Estes Park Mountain Shop offers daily sled rentals, and you can pick up any additional warm clothes  you may need as well.


Go for a hike in the snow. It is a different experience than in the summer. There is a quiet and calmness that you can’t experience any other time of year when the snow dulls the sounds around you. Many businesses in the Estes area rent equipment and offer guided tours. Your trip length, whether you want hot chocolate or lunch included, and the intensity of the trip is up to you.

Walk around Lake Estes or Lilly Lake

For a less intensive, or time consuming, outdoor adventure walk around one of the lakes in the area. Lake Estes and Lilly Lake are easy to get to and close to amenities. Lake Estes is right in the middle of town and there is a 3.8 mile path around it. Lilly Lake is off Highway 7 toward Allenspark. There is also a hiking trail that loops to the top of nearby Lily Mountain, in case anyone in your party wants to snowshoe while the others walk around the lake.


Estes Park


In Estes, you will find a proliferation of shopping opportunities. There are numerous shops full of painted art, pottery and photography. Jewelry and knickknack shops abound. Souvenir shops are on every corner. You will even find stores that offer incredible decorations for your home.

Liquor Tasting

If beer, wine or whiskey is more your thing, take a local winery, breweries and distillery tour. There are a surprising number of options for a little mountain town.

Climbing Wall

Estes Park is a big climbing town, even in the winter. Estes Park Mountain Shop has a wonderful indoor climbing wall and equipment rentals for when you feel the need to climb but there is snow on the ground.

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