Winter Wedding Accessories

Winter Wedding Accessories

One of our dedicated bridal managers, Jess, opens up about some of her favorite things: headpieces, all things sparkly, and boots. All in the context of the season and something else she loves: weddings.


Ideas for winter wedding accessories

Something about all those beautiful snowy wedding pictures stirs something in my heart, but what I especially love is seeing how people accessorize. So in the spirit of the snow falling today here at Wild Basin, I decided to snuggle up to the office heater and look up some accessory details for winter weddings that you will surely melt for. Our goal here at the Basin is to make sure that your day is everything that you can imagine, whether it is providing ideas to help planning your wedding, or snow dances performed by yours truly. Which I am totally willing to do. On that note, I’d like to share some of my favorite accessory ideas.


I am personally a fan of headbands, sparkle and everything in between. Naturally, I started my winter accessory search there. There are so many options from the full headband, a clip, to topping off your look with a veil.  Adding a small detail to your hair style that day will make sure to capture amazing photos even with snow falling lightly on your hair. Cue snow dance!

Greenery Headpieces

If sparkle and glitz are simply not your style, these beautiful winter greenery headpieces make my mountain soul warm. They boast character, elegance, and I’m quite sure a magnificent scent…. Need a splash of color? Berries are just the thing! This detail is such a great way to incorporate flowers and color to your wedding – when you wouldn’t expect much in the winter. I am such a fan of these that I will possibly be rocking one while performing your snow dance…


We all know that your wedding dress is one of the most important details of your big day. Covering up every stitch and detail that you fell in love with the first moment you tried it on with a hefty winter coat will surely send chills through your bones, regardless of the warmth it provides. Don’t worry –  these super snuggly shawls will be just the item you need to keep warm throughout the ceremony and pictures – and will still show off that fabulous gown.


Since we have you all wrapped up from your head to your sleeves – might as well throw on some fun winter boots to keep you warm while strolling through our very own winter wonderland here at Wild Basin (we hope!) for your cherished photos. There are options from furry to casual; options sure to meet the needs of all the individualized styles we see day to day.

Finally, on a softer note – an alternative to gloves: a hand warmer! Classy.

Find more winter wedding accessory ideas on our Pinterest page.

Meet Jess

Jess is one of our in-house bridal managers, whose job it is to run your rehearsal and ceremony, and to execute your wedding timeline for you on your wedding day. She will also work with you in the months leading up to your wedding to help you plan all details pertaining to the lodge. To get an idea of what she will help you plan and manage for you on your special day, take a look at our wedding package – all services you see listed will be her responsibility to manage the day of.  Contact us for more information on hosting your wedding at Wild Basin Lodge.

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