Wedding Day Detail Shots

Wedding Day Detail Shots

The beauty is in the details on your wedding day.

A good photographer makes those details come alive so you can appreciate them for years to come.


Consistently, couples state that their wedding day was a blur. They put so much time and preparation into their ceremony and reception, but on the day-of there is so much going on that all they are left with are happy, warm impressions rather than clear memories. That is where excellent wedding day detail shots come in.

Take a look at the slideshow below; shots like these will bring a smile to your face for years to come. Each time you look at them details you missed on your wedding day will jump out at you. The phrase “the gift that keeps on giving” comes to mind!

Some favorite wedding day detail shots taken at past Wild Basin Weddings.


Photography credits

Please visit the websites of the artists whose work is featured in this slideshow: Visual Poetry by Meghan, Mallory Munson Photography, Lady Ilg Photography, Kelly Lemon Photography and Green Blossom Photography. Each of them are incredibly good at what they do and offer a wonderful choice for your wedding day photographer.

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  1. Hello! We are looking at having a wedding with around 150 people in oaugust of 2018. Could you send us some pricing?

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