Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Favor Ideas

From plants to Lotto tickets…

Here are a few of the best favors Wild Basin Lodge staff has seen in while – a variety wedding favor ideas will spark your creativity when deciding what to give.

  • Small Plants – Small succulents or herbs make a thoughtful favor for your guests. They can take these small reminders home with them and keep the love alive forever.
  • Mugs/Glasses – These drinking utensils are such a great idea when you monogram them. Your friends and family will think of you when they are having their morning coffee or juice and remember how much fun your wedding was.
  • Food – Snacks are always a great idea for a wedding favor. You can get super creative with your choices; pickles, jams, cookie bars, candy bars, wrapped chocolate – the sky is the limit!
  • Koozies – Beer or soda, this is a great favor for your wedding. Monogram them or add a cute message and this will be a lasting gift for guests.
  • Home Brew – Brewing your own beer is becoming a very popular trend here in Colorado! Hand it out to over 21-guests and they will enjoy a refreshing reminder of how awesome your wedding day was.
  • Candle – Who doesn’t love candles!
  • Seeds – We LOVE wild flower seeds here at Wild Basin Lodge! It’s such a treat when you can give back to the environment. Mix it up so your guests will chat about who got what: wild flower seeds, vegetable seeds or bulbs all work well.
  • Lotto Tickets – For richer or for poorer! Grab a handful of these for your favors and maybe one lucky winner will be richer…hopefully he or she will share!
  • Coffee or tea – Offer both caffeine or non-caffeinated coffee and/or tea. Store in small personalized burlap sacks and put a variety on display; let each guest choose which they want – they’ll love the thought.
  • Chapstick –  Personalized Chapstick is cute and always welcomed, especially in the dry Rocky Mountains.
  • Gum – After some yummy 5-star food and tasty libations your guests might appreciate a minty fresh treat.
  • Olive Oil – Might sound strange but olive oil can be used in several different ways. Cooking is the most popular olive oil use and it’s a thoughtful gift that your friends and family will use.
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