Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

A guest book with a pen and blank paper is a thing of the past.

Wedding guest book ideas have exploded with creativity and utilitarianism. The sky is the limit when it comes to guest book creativity; by tapering your ideas to reflect the two of you, you will be creating something that will be unique, meaningful and a joy to look at for the rest of your lives.

  • Board Games – This is such a lovely idea for couples that are board game junkies. The best board games are those with large wood piece like Jenga! This way your friends and family can write a message on each piece and you can play your personalized game with its special messages each anniversary.
  • Thumbprint Art – If you want something special and framed you can look at everyday, we suggest this option for you. Find a piece of art that you both like that has lots of white space and have your friends and family dip their thumbs into your favorite color paints, stamp your specialized piece of art and write a little message near their thumbprint.
  • Anniversary Bottles of your Favorite Beverage – Couples sometimes save a bottle of wine or champagne from the day of their wedding to commemorate this special day, and one-day drink from it on a special anniversary. Instead of just one bottle, why not have you guests sign many different bottles that are labeled with the anniversary on it! This is such a great idea if you have a favorite beverage!
  • Guest Libs – We all remember Mad Libs. What fun we had as a child filling in the silly words that made no sense but had us laughing for hours! Why not make a customized Mad Lib for your wedding – a Love Lib perhaps – this way your guests can congratulate you in a fun format.
  • Polaroid Photos – The original selfie is back! Polaroid cameras are making a come back and we at Wild Basin Lodge love to see them! You can set up a photo booth or area where your guests can snap pictures of each other and then sign a message to the bottom so you will always remember who wished you well.
  • Piñata – Bring out your fun side by replacing your guest book with a piñata. Your friends and family can leave a joke, message, prediction or encouragement inside the piñata and you can smash it on an anniversary. Save the messages in a scrapbook along with photos of the two of you smashing it.
  • Message in a Bottle – Instead of having guests sign their name in a book, have them write a message on a scroll and drop it into a bottle. You can pull from the bottle every year. OR you can have a “date jar”. Your guests would suggest a date for you and your loved one and you must follow it to the t!
  • Wishing Stones – This is a great Colorado wedding idea! Guests can sign a smooth river stone (you and your honey can even take a trip to get all the stones right out of one of Colorado’s finest) with a message or just their name. After the wedding place the stones in a vase or bowl on a mantle for decoration.

Check out to see some other great options!

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