Wild Basin Q&A – Vendors

Wild Basin Q&A – Vendors

Your Questions Answered: Rocky Mountain Wedding Vendors

Wedding vendors are always a big topic of conversation when planning your event. As one of the best wedding venues in Colorado we make sure that your vendors are also taken care of. Most of your wedding vendors are going to be staying with you for over 4-8 hours, so you will need to keep them in mind while you plan your Rocky Mountain wedding!

Wild Basin Q&A:

A list of possible vendors at your wedding:

  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Officiate
  • Florist
  • Cosmetologist
  • Coordinator
  • Planner
  • Bartender
  • Chef
  • Wait Staff
  • Banquet Staff
  • Entertainment (dj/band)
  • Cake/Pastry Chef

When should my vendors arrive?

Vendor arrival time on the day of your wedding all depends on your timeline. Your coordinator and/or planner should be there in the morning before you arrive at your venue preparing for your day. Cosmetologists need to arrive the morning of to help you look and feel beautiful, always keep in mind that sometimes it takes longer so always have some extra time with them! Photographers and videographers need to come prepared to shoot at or around the same time your cosmetologist arrives to capture some amazing “getting ready shots”. The florist and cake/pastry chef should arrive in the morning or early afternoon to delivery the flowers and sweet treats, you could even chat with your venue and have them drop off the day before and use their cold storage space. During the afternoon when it comes closer to the time of your ceremony your entertainment (band/DJ) should arrive to start the set up process, even though they don’t need direction from you at this time you can breath a sigh of relief that they are good to go and ready for when that first dance comes! The officiate should be arriving the same time the entertainment arrives, to get the lay of the land and have a chat with you about any last minute changes in vows or speeches. If you hired a caterer they should be arriving right before the ceremony to start setting up with all of the staff that is needed. Here at the Wild Basin Lodge we are a full service inclusive wedding venue. That means that we have your bridal coordinator, wedding planner, bar manager, bartender, internationally acclaimed 5-star chef, wait staff and banquet captain on staff and included in your package! Our banquet captain and bridal coordinator will manage your vendors for you.

Should I feed my vendors?

During your planning you should make sure that there is time built in for these hard working individuals to sit down and enjoy a meal and some quiet time before continuing on in assisting you in making your dream day real. Usually your photographer/videographer, coordinator/planner, bartender, chef, wait/banquet staff and entertainment are with you until the end. These would be the vendors that you would need to put on your vendors headcount to the venue so they have a meal waiting for them. You don’t want any hungry photographers or light-headed band members running around your wedding! Here at Wild Basin Lodge we make sure that your vendors are taken care of; they are waited on as one of your guests. The bartender, chef and wait/banquet staff are included in your package – no need to include extra meals for them.

When should I meet with my vendors?

Meeting with vendors is very important! This is one of the biggest days of your life, you are starting a new one with your partner and you need to make sure you get along with your vendors. Weddings are an emotional time and you need your day to go off without a hitch, so in choosing people you mesh well with help your day run smoothly.

  • Photographer/videographer – Choosing a company to capture your day is important, getting along with this said company is even more important. You not only hire them to photograph your day but edit these photos/video and get it to you in a timely manner. 6-8 months before is the best time to hire.
  • Officiate – Depending on your needs, 8-10 months before the wedding you should meet with your officiate and form a relationship with him/her, you will remember them fondly when reminiscing about your wedding day.
  • Florist – depending on your florist guidelines, 6-8 months before the wedding day you should sit down and start planning the types of flowers you are in need of, because sometimes flowers are not available the same time of year you are getting married.
  • Cosmetologist – Picking out a cosmetologist is definitely a personal preference. Wedding season does get quite busy for this industry so picking and booking as soon as you have the date is wise. I would also meet with your cosmetologist 6 weeks before your wedding day to do a trial run of your wedding day look. (For the brides, you can always book your bridal photos the same day so you can have hair and makeup done for the photos!)
  • Coordinator/Planner – This should be an immediate pick and hire, having your coordinator or planner next to your side through the whole process makes your life much easier. With Wild Basin Lodge our coordinator and planner are included in the package price!
  • Bartender – Unless you have a specific bartender from your favorite restaurant picked out I would use the staff at your venue. If you book with Wild Basin Lodge your bartender and bar manager are included to help you choose the best bar package for you.
  • Chef – Breaking bread with friends and family is a huge part of your wedding day! So you want the food to be amazing, right? Make sure you choose someone that is delicious at his/her craft and meet with them for a tasting at least 2 months before your wedding day to taste the food and make meal choices. Wild Basin has a 5-star international acclaimed chef on staff that you have access to any time you have questions.
  • Entertainment (DJ/band) – you should research live entertainment 10-12 months out because they are in high demand. They help make the party exciting and get the dancing going so start early to make sure you get the one you love.
  • Cake/Pastry Chef – Hire your baker 8-10 months away from your wedding date and 4-6 months have a cake tasting and pick your cake design.

Should the venue know who your vendors are?

Your venue should absolutely know who your vendors are. Here at Wild Basin Lodge we love our couple’s vendors! We even have a preferred vendors list that has our greats in the industry that have never let our couples down and always delivered fantastic work every time.

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