We Are Grateful

We Are Grateful

We are in the business of love and this is a gift we are thankful for.

Here at The Wild Basin Lodge, our job affords us many pleasures for which we are grateful. The natural beauty of Allenspark, Colorado surrounds us and we are given the opportunity to serve as a thoroughfare of friends, families and lifelong memories pass through, all in the pursuit of hosting the best Colorado mountain weddings. But rarely do we have the occasion to make a difference in someone’s life that moves us to consider the implications of our own lives.

One morning I picked up the phone and answered, not knowing what an amazing story would unravel. The voice on the other end was calm and collected. She asked about the normal peripherals, availabilities, and details. We discussed our menu. “Can you provide fresh squeezed lemonade? Can you suggest a type of steak?” I have to admit, that while she painted a picture of a beautiful wedding day, it was hardly a departure from an average reservation, speckled with a few personalized details. Romance is sometimes best understated, and I was delighted that we could help.

I inquired about her relationship, and as it turns out, her fiancé proposed a week ago and she was already planning her dream Colorado Rocky Mountain wedding. Working in the wedding industry, you can’t help sometimes to reflect personally from the relationships you encounter, and I remember thinking humorously, “wow, you guys are eloping to the Wild Basin Lodge madly in love”. So I inquired further and was met with a story that truly took my breath away. Sometimes I think we tend to think of time in terms of plans, years and goals, like a family album we may never fully fill. But in this bride’s case, the love was most certainly there, but there was a question of time.

She explained to me that she was delivered some news about her health that would make any normal person break down and not want to go on, but in this bride’s case she is quite extraordinary. She had a contagious giggle of excitement when talking about her love and upcoming wedding that made me wonder how this woman, this beautiful soul, could actually be thinking of something else in her circumstances. At that moment she got quiet on the other end of the line and took a long breath and said to me “life is a gift, everyday that I get to wake up and live, it is a true gift.” For a moment I was speechless, I had never had such a powerful message given to me in the form of an unsuspecting phone call at work that I would carry with me forever.

These are the moments that make me stop, take a deep breath and be thankful to wake up everyday. We are only here for a short time and we must make the best of our lives. People come and go in life but there are very few that make you really think about your own.

The staff at the Wild Basin Lodge gets to work with incredible people on a daily basis. The joy of seeing two people’s love culminate in a wedding among their friends and family motivates us each day. It is so rewarding that we get to walk with a couple on the journey of starting a new life together.

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