Rustic Wedding Decorations

Rustic Wedding Decorations

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There are several ways to do rustic. Rustic wedding decorations can be simple, elegant, sophisticated, or any combination thereof. Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix it up. To get started, find inspiration in some of the rustic wedding decorations we’ve seen here at Wild Basin Lodge, in the slideshow below. Then scroll through Pinterest to build on what you find here.

Consider some of the following items to give your decorations a rustic feel:

  • Wood Slices. Place them under flowers or other items to add height variation to your tables. Put them under a few of the items, but not all. Creative asymmetry is very pleasing to the eye.
  • Mason Jars. Place flowers, favors or other decorative items in mason jars for use in either centerpieces or outlying decorations. For instance, they can be used to distribute candy or customized matchbooks, or to display things representative of the two of you, like bottle caps of your favorite beers or corks from your favorite wines.
  • Wildflowers. Find out what the local flowers growing in the area of your venue are and work them into your arrangements. It will give them a very local feel.
  • Pinecones. Incorporate these into centerpieces, floral arrangements and outlying decorations.
  • Aspen leaves. Mostly used in the fall, but great in a variety of ways. Some couples scatter them around centerpieces, use them for the flower girl to toss down the aisle, or in their grand send off.
  • Burlap. Burlap may be the epitome of rustic at weddings. It is a great option to spice up table settings if you do not want a lot of color distracting from the centerpieces; burlap accents the room and helps colorful flowers pop.

Rustic Wedding Decorations seen at Wild Basin

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