5 Groomsmen Gift Ideas

5 Groomsmen Gift Ideas

The guys like to feel appreciated too!

Bridesmaids aren’t the only ones to thank for being part of your special day.

But what else can you get your groomsmen that doesn’t include an engraved flask or booze? Here are five groomsmen gift ideas for what to get your groomsmen – and they’re not the typical gift ideas!

1. Just like the bridesmaids and perfume, consider getting them a bottle of their favorite cologne. Hey, guys like to smell nice too.

2. If you know your guys well, get them the video game they have been dying to buy for themselves. You can play the game together to make the gift more special.

3. Tickets to their favorite sports game. Get each groomsmen a ticket for them and yourself to attend a sporting event they like. If all of you want to go to the same one, lets say a Broncos game, then great!

4. Electronic gadgets. Some men are into the next big technology item. See if you can surprise your groomsmen with something techie they would like. Try really great headphones for when they work out, a nice electronic razor, iPod docking system or heated shave cream dispenser. There are a ton of really neat gadgets out there, a quick google search will yield a lot of great ideas.

5. Sporting equipment or gift cards for equipment. Say your groomsmen are into fishing, get them something they can use on their adventures. A new fishing pole, tackle, etc. If you are unsure which piece of equipment they would like best, get them a gift card to sporting good places like Cabela’s, Dicks, or Bass Pro.

Just remember to use your imagination and keep your groomsmen’s interests in mind. They will appreciate your creativity!

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