Planning a Mountain Wedding

Planning a Mountain Wedding

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a wedding, especially if it will be in the mountains.

Consider the following points while planning a mountain wedding.


Your wedding vision

In which season do you envision your wedding? Weather in the mountains may vary slightly from your expectations. In the Rocky Mountains, summer months bring quick, sudden rain showers in the afternoons, early fall is gorgeous, spring is the snowiest time of year and winter can be very cold. If you are looking for a winter-wonderland wedding with a ton of snow, consider hosting your wedding in March or April. If you want aspens and wildflowers at their greenest prime, consider June or July. Late August and September brings less rain, yellowing aspens and bright, clear skies. Check with your venue before you book to get a better idea of what the weather is like in the month you wish to marry to make sure it aligns with your vision. See mountain weddings from each season in the Wild Basin Lodge Gallery.


Speaking of weather, it is beautiful in the mountains year-round, but varies from the plains you and your guests may be coming from. Despite the time of year, it will likely be cooler than in the cities, no matter the season. Summer mornings and evenings will necessitate a light jacket and warmer shoes, and there are often rain showers in the afternoons. Winter days can be relatively warm, at least in the Rocky Mountains, when the skies are clear and the sun is shining, rendering your heavy ski coat too warm and making you wish you had a lighter one with you. Whichever season you choose to marry, do a little research on the weather where your venue is and plan to pack accordingly so you’ll be comfortable. If your guests will be staying overnight, consider making recommendations on what to pack to them as well.


Depending on the mountain region you are considering, season will make a difference in venue and vendor availability. Summer is wedding season in the Rocky Mountain area, so if your heart is set on a summer wedding, consider starting to look at least a year in advance, especially if you want a date in September. September is the most popular month in the Rocky Mountain region because the aspens are changing and make a beautiful fiery backdrop for ceremonies.


A major consideration when determining which season to host a mountain wedding is cost. In-season and out-of-season pricing can vary greatly. If affordability is more of a concern for you, consider marrying in the off-season; many venues and vendors offer discounts to encourage business in their off-season. That means the winter and spring months in the Rockies. Summer and early fall is more popular, even traditional, but winter weddings can be exquisite. There are numerous options for decorations and wedding party warmth that are unique and add an especially personal touch that will make your wedding stand out in the eyes of your family and friends. Take a look at more reasons to plan a winter wedding.


This is more specific to venues, but can apply to vendors. If you choose a venue in a remote mountain location consider what, if any, services are in the area. Is there adequate lodging nearby? A gas station, grocery store or restaurants? Isolated mountain venues are wonderful places to marry, but may require transportation provided by you if too remote. If vendors have to travel too far to get to you, they may charge an additional fee. It is all about fulfilling your vision and what you are wiling to plan for, just try to gather all of the facts as you plan so there won’t be any surprises.

Venue Type

Mountain wedding venues tend to be rustic in style, and range from truly rustic to elegantly rustic. If you are looking for an urban, contemporary design in a venue, the mountains may not be for you. If the mountains are for you, you should not have trouble finding one that meets your aesthetic needs.

Planning a mountain wedding?

Wild Basin Lodge is a Rocky-Mountain-elegant lodge with just the right touch of rustic, located just outside Rocky Mountain National Park. Considering all of the services included in our wedding package, we are one of the most affordable, and the only truly all-inclusive, venue in the Estes Park area. Contact us to schedule a tour or chat with us over the phone (303-747-2274) to see how Wild Basin Lodge & Event Center will fulfill your mountain wedding dreams.

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