Rocky Mountain National Park Wildlife

We’ve sighted a black bear near our property a few times over the last couple of weeks, and I’m so excited that I got some photos of the little guy! You may remember the bear rescue story that ran on several news stations last year, and I suspect that this may be the same bear. Fortunately, we have re-boarded our dumpster (which was designed by a team of environmentalists and wildlife safety experts to ensure that we are reducing our impact on wildlife) and no bears have gotten stuck this year. The bear was hanging out near the dumpster, which brings me to an excellent point: guests at The Wild Basin Lodge should always remove all food items from their cars, roll up their windows, and lock their doors after they’ve parked in our lot or in Rocky Mountain National Park. Our staff checks cars during weddings and events to ensure that there aren’t food items in guests’ cars, but it’s good practice to remove any items that we may miss to avoid break ins. One other important item to mention is that we encourage our guests to view and enjoy Colorado wildlife as safely as possible. If you see a bear in Colorado, remember to keep your distance as much as possible. Black bears are highly unlikely to attack humans unless they feel threatened or you are throwing food their way. Boulder Colorado’s website has some good tips to stay safe around black bears, and you are welcome to post that information on your wedding website. In the case of this bear sighting, the bear did see me and our staff from about 200 feet away, it didn’t come closer to us, and I used the zoom function on our camera to take the photos. You never want to sneak up on a bear, feed a bear, or run away when you’ve spotted one (this can scare it and cause an attack). Rocky Mountain National Park’s website has some more general information to reference regarding black bears, and we hope that you get the opportunity to view our stunning wildlife safely during your stay near The Wild Basin Lodge!


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