2011 Wild Basin Vendie Awards

Hello readers! I have mentioned the 2011 Wild Basin Vendie Awards several times over the last couple of weeks, but what does that really mean? Why is it an honor to receive a Vendie? Who are all of the Vendie Award recipients?

I mentioned in my blog about Ken Miller Photography that the Vendie Awards will only be given to those vendors we see here several (if not dozens) of times each year and their work shines as the best, brightest, most professional, and most consistent we have seen in the history of The Wild Basin Lodge. These vendors go above and beyond their call of duty at Wild Basin weddings, whether it be staying late to move a large floral arrangement to a different ceremony location at the last minute or transporting and setting up hundreds of chocolate covered strawberries and a three tiered cake during a snowy afternoon, the Vendie Award recipients have their craft down to a science. The following is our official list of 2011 Vendie Award recipients with some details about their services:

- Floral Designs of Europe: If you read the blog often, you have probably already seen dozens of Floral Designs of Europe arrangements at The Wild Basin. Brigitte owns the floral company, and we can’t rave enough about her professionalism, her ability to create unique and artistic arrangements, the flawless bouquets she produces time after time, or her wonderful attitude and approach to the wedding industry.
Colorado Rose Cake Company: Marci owns Colorado Rose Cake Co, and we don’t know how she is able to produce and transport such incredible, tasty, and gorgeous confections time after time, but we do know that we like her cakes…a lot! One wedding that Marci provided cake for was Christy and Phil’s elegant mountain wedding. The cakes Marci provided for this wedding were extraordinary, and I will never forget how beautiful the miniature three-tiered chocolate cake party favors looked on the table in our Copeland Bar. Great job, Marci!
Beggar’s Tunes Mobile DJ Service: As you may know from looking over DJ Dave Kreider’s website, Beggar’s Tunes has a wealth of equipment to meet every one of your wedding music needs. I loved seeing his professionalism and care that went into Jennifer and Chris’s June wedding ceremony and reception, and that is exactly what keeps Dave on our list of most preferred vendors each and every year!
A DJ For Hire: DJ Mike Randleman is one cool cat! Along with offering special promotions for Wild Basin couples, he can also provide any kind of equipment couples may need for their meadow ceremony (such as Raluca and Brian’s June ceremony at The Wild Basin) and he knows how to start a party for receptions! He is always willing to lend a hand here at The Wild Basin Lodge, and we appreciate his professionalism and the care he puts into each and every event!
Elena Coccari: Elena has officiated over 100 weddings here at The Wild Basin Lodge, and we are fortunate to get to recommend such a wonderful, poignant, intelligent, and kind person for wedding ceremonies of all denominations and kinds. As you may remember, Elena officiated the elopement ceremony for Bob and Julie, and it is great to know that she has been available at the drop of a hat to perform last-minute ceremony services for several Wild Basin couples. Congratulations on earning this honor, Elena, and on a personal note (if she’s reading this) we all LOVE your new hairdo (go girl!)
Reverend Bill Huth: As a senior chaplain at Estes Park Center/YMCA of the Rockies and an Ordained United Minister, Bill Huth celebrates a significant number of Christian weddings in Colorado. He can also work with couples to create a plan for a beautiful non-denominational ceremony plan. I love that he is consistently positive and friendly, and he can even integrate various ceremonial aspects into his services, such as the stone and candle ceremony at Tiffany and Brendan’s destination wedding. Thanks again to Bill for all of his hard work and we look forward to seeing him in the very near future!
Ashley Davis Photography: As you may remember in a recent blog post, I announced Ashley as a recipient of the Vendie Award. We love Ashley’s photos here at the lodge, and I love that she often sends me updated links to her work, like this collection from Sarah and Eric’s July wedding here at the lodge. As always, fantastic work!
Ken Miller Photography: Ken Miller Photography is the most affordable of all the photographers who are Vendie Award recipients, and he is a pleasure to work with! We highly recommend him for any Colorado wedding, engagement photo shoot, or photo session.
Visual Poetry by Meghan: I have mentioned the services of Meghan Russell several times, and she continues to be a rising star in the Colorado wedding photography industry. We see her here so much that I have lost count! Great job, Ms. (soon to be Mrs.) Meghan!
Dave Russell Photography: As an avid traveler and photojournalist, we are fortunate to know an artistic and well-rounded individual such as Dave. You may remember in my blog post about Dave that he recently posted some amazing photos from his trip to Haiti. He can take incredibly poignant shots from one of the areas he visits, and then fly back to Colorado and perform wonderful services at weddings, and it’s this kind of versatility that keeps the photographer at the top of his game!
Photography G: Speaking of versatility, Garrett from Photography G is one of the most versatile photographers I have ever met. Not only does Garrett photograph well-known musicians and bands, but he’s also an expert wedding photographer. Recently, he took the shots for our mountain bridal fashion shoot hosted by The Wild Basin Lodge and Little White Dress Bridal shop, and he was absolutely wonderful to work with!

Congratulations to all of the recipients of The 2011 Vendie Award, it’s your hard work and professionalism that makes working in the wedding industry worthwhile!

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