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“Dang, girl! Does he have a brother?” (aka: how grooms can look their best in wedding photos)

Is your man camera-shy? Consider the following tips for all the gentlemen out there who want to look their best in their wedding photos.

Do not plan on making any dramatic appearance changes right before the wedding

That means no radical self-tanners, face tattoos, eccentric hair cuts, weird piercings, or teeth pulling, no matter how much you love The Hangover. I know it’s a great movie, but the goal is to get your bride to walk towards you during the processional, not run away.

Find a great suit or tux and a great tailor

It’s the same concept that most brides have to consider; you want to look your best and be comfortable at your wedding. It’s a long day and it is probably the day on which you will have the most photos taken of you in any 12-hour period of your life (unless you’re Brad Pitt), so finding an outfit that is comfortable, fits you perfectly, and looks sharp is essential. Check out The Bridal Connection in Longmont for good prices and package deals for full wedding parties.

Don’t get really drunk the night before or morning of your wedding

Circles under your eyes, bloodshot eyes, tired expressions, and bad posture will show up in your photos, and you probably don’t want to remember your wedding day like that.

If your bride is ok with it, don’t be afraid to be different with your clothing

We’ve had grooms who opt for gray tuxes, tan outfits, pin stripe suits, traditional kilts, and everything in-between. It’s always fun to see a little personality in our grooms, and there are many options out there.

If you’re planning your wedding at The Wild Basin Lodge, let our staff pin on your boutonniere

Obviously, you don’t want to stab yourself before the wedding, we’ve literally pinned thousands of them on, and we know every trick to make them stay and look good in photos. If you aren’t planning your wedding here, make sure someone else who knows what they’re doing pins it for you.

Carry a small roll of dental floss, mints, Kleenex, and Chap-Stick in a non-exposed area

The idea behind this is pretty self-explanitory; you don’t want food in your teeth during photos, you don’t want your breath to smell when you’re kissing your bride (but it’s tacky to chew gum at your wedding), you or someone in the wedding party may need a tissue during the ceremony or photos, and everyone gets chapped lips in Colorado, despite the season. Try to think compact when you prepare these items so you won’t have a weird bulge in a pocket during your photos and try to find mints you like that won’t make noise in your pocket all day.

During photos, keep good posture

Whoa, I just had the most vivid déjà vu of my mom saying that to me. But seriously, stand up straight during pictures.

If you have some time before the big day, it never hurts to hit the gym

Even if the big day is tomorrow, you could still squeeze in a little workout. Maintaining a good exercise schedule will not only keep you looking healthy, but it helps enormously with managing the stress of a big life change (such as a marriage) I doubt your bride will complain about you exercising, either!

During your photo sessions, think happy thoughts

It’s hard to produce a realistic smile when someone is asking you to pose this way, don’t squint, stand on that rock, tilt your head to the left, lower your shoulders, and hold her train, but your expression will improve if you think of the excitement of marrying the woman of your dreams, or even a funny joke.

Can’t think of a funny joke? Here is one:

Why do ducks have flat feet?
– To stomp out fires.
Why do elephants have flat feet?
– To stomp out burning ducks!

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